Hidden Hills Ranch

5,300 acres for sale

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About the Land

The land is ideal for development, and features a flat landscape that is close to Las Vegas and has power, water, and paved roads. Hidden Hills Ranch consists of over 10,000 acres; approximately 9,000 in California and 1,300 in Nevada. Consider the following key points:

  • A prior BrightSource solar development initiative with the California Energy Commission (CEC) produced substantial solar, environmental, and developmental studies. This information can be made available. More | Fact Sheet
  • The California acreage has California riparian water rights, which generally allow land owner to have full use of the water that can reasonably be used under the land.
  • Historic “Old Spanish Trail” passes through parts of this property.
  • Land south of the California site os designated as federal “Wilderness” land. No off road vehicles.
  • Cannot see Pahrump from Hidden Hills Ranch.
  • Land closer to Las Vegas than Pahrump
  • Existing power lines cross several parts of the property
  • “Front Site” is a development approximately 2 miles from Hidden Hills Ranch; 500 acres with developing water, sewer, schools, etc.
  • Part of the land subdivided into 20-acre parcels.
  • Part of the drive from the site to Las Vegas includes 17 miles of 4-lane divided highway (HWY 160)
  • 9 miles to Pahrump by dirt road; 24 miles by paved road.
  • 48.5 miles to the Las Vegas strip. Only large parcel available this close to Las Vegas.
  • Inyo County board of supervisors may be cooperative if reasonable development plans include appropriate infrastructure and a good land plan.

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